Brian F Wilkie Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brian F Wilkie Photography (Brian F Wilkie Photography) Sat, 30 Mar 2013 00:45:00 GMT Sat, 30 Mar 2013 00:45:00 GMT Brian F Wilkie Photography: Blog 90 120 Betty Wilkie 1921-2013 Mary and I just got back from a trip to Scotland. We originally planned visit my Mother during Spring break week, but since we were flying on frequent flier tickets we ended up arriving on the Thursday before. God works in mysterious ways. When we arrived we were advised to go to my Mother’s nursing home right away, where we we found her somewhere between asleep and unconscious. She passed quietly away 2 1/2 days later, on the morning of Sunday 10th April, Mother’s day in the UK. She was a few weeks short of her 92nd Birthday.

Mother was a wonderful lady with a ready smile and a can do attitude. She loved parties, people, kids, grandkids, great grandkids. She played golf till she was 84, flew to Texas by herself till she was 85, and was greatly offended that the insurance companies would not give her coverage to keep coming over when she felt just fine. 

In her last few years she had wonderful care from the staff at her assisted living apartment, Glen Place in Brodick, Montrose House Care Home, and finally at Cooriedoon Nursing Home, as well as the support of my brother Alistair and wonderful friends on Arran.

She has moved on to a better place, and is probably organising a party there right now!


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Lochranza Panorama Here is another panorama, this one taken in Scotland in March 2013. This the village of Lochranza, on the island of Arran, in the early evening just as the sun broke through.Lochranza_Panorama1

Seen like this the panorama is not too impressive. However if the image is stored closer to full size it gets more interesting. Try clicking on the link below.

In this version click anywhere on the photo to zoom in then pan on the image to move across. Try putting the browser in full screen mode if possible. As with any panorama the camera has to be in manual mode, the tripod needs to be carefully leveled, and each image has to overlap the previous one by around 20%. This panorama was stitched together in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Scotland in Winter  



At the end of November I spent a week in Arran, an island off the west coast of Scotland, helping my 91 year old mother move into a nursing home. The weather was cold but amazingly clear for much of the time so I was able to do some hiking and photography.

One morning, on the lookout for a photo for this year’s Christmas card, I spotted some interesting old trees in a field. Luckily I found a cart track between fields that gave me this perspective with a light dusting of snow on Goat Fell, the mountain in the background. I came back a few days later after a heavier snowfall on the hills. I had brought my old, heavy, but very sturdy Bogen tripod so I had to take the time to set up and frame the shot properly. One of the main effects of using a tripod is to slow  you down and make you focus on getting it right.

Of course a tripod also allows you to do panoramas. I carefully leveled the tripod (there is a great iPhone app for this if your camera does not have a built-in level). Then, setting the camera in portrait mode, with manual exposure settings, I took four photos and combined them in photoshop to create this image. I really want to make a metal print of this 46 megapixel image.

Goatfell-Old Tree 2 There are other images from the trip at

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